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members of his cabinet. >> hillary clinton has already made clear she will not stay on for a second term. >> i do not think her plans have changed. >> possible replacements include john kerry or susan rice. also tim nightmare. eric holder has not announced his plan nor has leon panetta. >> i am not going to speculate on the future intention. >> he told reporters the cabinet issues will be dealt with appropriately. nikole killion, wbal tv 11 news. >> the president will be back on the road. he will be traveling to asia later this month, visiting thailand and cambodia, the first for u.s. president.
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>> the major developments regarding the casino in baltimore city. caesars is dropping the harris style casino in favor of its horseshoe brand. we broke the stews on our website. david collins joins us from south baltimore with more on what all this means. >> said passage of covent -- question 7 is a game changer. this casino will be high and. it means more of an investment from the operators. and it comes the number of new hires to 1700's. it is the vision of a gambler's paradise. they built it as the biggest jackpot. it is offered in six markets, this is from cleveland. >> it is a legendary brand coming to a legendary city. it is focused and delivering incredible service with a touch of elegance.
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we hire the best people and the right people. we are going to hire people that live and breed baltimore. >> it wants to begin construction next year, south of the stadium. they're still working on the design of a broad with the city. the target date is 2014. all the building will remain the same size, significant changes will be made inside. >> we're going to build a world series of poker poker room. >> unstable games are part of the equation, discussions on slots are under way. they are looking to entice the chefs to set up shop. the mission includes hotel partners as well. >> as he is getting to relocate to baltimore, and he is staying in every hotel in town to see who wants to be a partner.
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>> neighbors are worried. state law requires the mayor to create a local development board. this panel will represent communities around the casino. >> we do not know what is happening. no one has communicated with us on what is happening. >> the responsibilities include being in the loop during the development days of the casino. transportation, and how the millions in local impact aid will be spent. >> we need community input to so we are not impacted in a negative way. >> in an e-mail, the administration says the mayor will appoint members by the end of the year. >> tonight, bradley manning may plead guilty to some offenses, and charged with sending secrets to wikileaks. he is offering to take
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responsibility to the less serious charges, that does not include the charges by the government. it is punishment by life imprisonment. he has elected to be charged by a military judge in february. two man were targeting women at bus stops are behind bars tonight. >> police say they know about the 11 victims. "black friday is in the newsroom -- barry simms is in the newsroom. >> it focused on other crimes that were going on, including several robberies in baltimore city. police say they are -- there are 11 victims. most of the victims are college students. flanked by their detectives, the commissioner and police chief describe a crime spree they say
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dates back to august 11. the allegations against kenyon waller and william campbell include rape, kidnapping, and armed robbery. >> they are dangerous people. >> he says they were arrested following the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl was forced to get into a gold ford explorer. it happened to near a bus stop. police believe campbell was the driver. he is charged with robbery. waller is charged with raping the girl. the same as to be turned up in another investigation. >> it was actually a male and female. >> according to documents, the victims told police the driver pulled a black semi automatic handgun. the victim jumped from the vehicle. the female was held at gunpoint. they demanded money, $200.
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the female contacted a relative and the exchange for $100 was completed. police also say they have charged campbell with a september 25 sexual assault and kidnapping. >> this crime appeared -- occurred by a bus stop by a woman walking to her job. some of these cases he brings an outrage. outrage in your heart. you have young women on their way to school, in a public place, that are insulted by it -- we cannot call them names. but the things they did and the way they treated these young ladies is an outrage. >> they are being held without bail. police worry that other victims have not come forward. >> the search is on for the person who hijacked a vehicle this morning with a 7-year-old
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inside. it happened in northeast baltimore. police say the suspects jumped into an suv while the driver stepped out to drop one of the children off at a day care. the seven year-old was then dropped off unharmed at a bus stop. authorities are looking for the 2004 explored -- ford explorer with tag number 828m506. >> we know the cause of a house fire that killed four children and their grandmother. clothing by the furnace sparked flames on october 12. three people survived the fire. >> crews are working to affix a water main break. the 60 inch main that failed yesterday, flooding local streets.
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rob remains on the scene and he has an update. >> now you have two pomps pumping water. when you shut down a major thoroughfare, you're going to have traffic problems at rush hour. last night, traffic around this area was backed out or tied up as people tried to make their way around the water main break. this morning, water was still flowing from the 60-inch water main. you can see in areas where the street asphalt has been pushed up by the water. >> water pressure has the ability to lift the asphalt. so is puffed up and a weak spot is formed and that is where it breaks. >> we are working. >> what are you doing? >> we are picking a lot.
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>> you go inside? >> we do not go inside. they are going in. >> pge was able to secure the gas line and with the help of police and a locksmith, shut off gas to 46 buildings in the area. >> they are continuing to do that. there is a couple of cats they have to cap off and then they will be done. >> no repairs or street repairs can begin until the water is completely shut off and shutting down a 60 inch main is not an easy process. >> the transmission line, because of the size of it, 60 inches, it takes several hundred turns. in order to get them fully closed, we have to be cautious in how we operate them.
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there is a process and the method we use in order to make sure it is done correctly. >> the next step is to start to digging. get down to the water main that broke. it is about 17 feet below the surface. >> hundreds of blood drives were canceled because of the storm that now there will be another blow to supplies. >> details on a possible strike. >> national attention to local players for the first time in two decades. >> the storm on the coast moving out with some beautiful fall weather scheduled to move in.
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>> 50 employees may go on strike next week if the contract is not reached. the blood services region received a 10 day notice of intent to strike from teamsters #3 11. in order to avoid the situation, the red cross has made proposals. the red cross says it will maintain its schedule to the fullest extent possible. the blood supply was already jeopardized because of super storm sandy. the storm that struck the northeast this week was not as damaging as super storm sandy
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but i made a lot of matters worse. michael bloomberg and officials announced the beginning of gas rationing tomorrow. 25% of gas stations are open right now. so many residents remain leery. >> your power goes out, it is not a big deal usually. on top of all that has happened, it makes it hard. >> chris christie says he expects power will be restored from both storms by saturday. >> coastal communities like ocean city experienced rain but just like with hurricane sandy, residents had awareness of potential problems. lowell melser as an update. >> it is shaping up to be a beautiful day in ocean city. still feeling a little bit of the win but for the most part, beautiful conditions. the dog to another bullet by
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mother nature in ocean city. as far as conditions, take a look at the surf. during the height of the storm, the nor'easter, we saw sees from 6-10 feet, similar to sandy. as far as other things, basically the normal flooding you would see during a heavy rainstorm anywhere from 17th street south we saw a little bit of flooding with the tidal surges. as far as winning, 15-25 miles an hour. but the cleanup efforts are continuing in the parking lot. they are getting in shape up and things look good. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> sunshine on the beach. the storm pounded parts of new england after rushing past us.
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it is still off the coast of cape cod. some snow in the mountains and winds up and down the coast continue. it has pulled away from us and did not do much more than a couple of inches of rain. a trace today. that is really all we got. your neighborhood -- neighborhood might have had more. but around baltimore, it was minimal impact from the powerful storm. 54 to greece. eight days with temperatures below normal. we have been below normal. that is about to change tomorrow into the weekend. we will see a warm-up. the average is 59. we will be above that into the weekend. 40's on the eastern shore. the air is very dry and the winds will diminish a little. it will be cold.
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30's in the suburbs. 40 at the inner harbor. the sun went down this evening three minutes before 5:00. look at the way this guy is clearing. high pressure west of us, keeping us any through the weekend. look at the warm weather. 67 degrees in kansas city. 40 in chicago. 80's in the southwest. some of that air will push these sell our temperatures go and the other direction. 59 is normal. almost there. on the day, 5-10 knots. western maryland, they will see temperatures climbing into the 40's tomorrow. climb into the 60's in the mountains on sunday. eastern shore, a cambridge, temperatures well above normal for a couple of days and enjoy the sunshine.
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the storm may produce some wins tomorrow but it will be a sunny day. mostly sunny on sunday as well with temperatures into the upper 60's. we have raven's football on sunday. the veterans day holiday on sunday and monday. 57 tomorrow. i am thinking we could get close to 70 degrees on sunday. clouds on monday but the rain holds off until tuesday and then temperatures cool off a little bit. >> from the susquehanna bank's board center, this is sports. >> spectacular weather for the ravens game against oakland. going into that, we continuing -- at least this week, they heard about the raiders. 251 rushing yards. four touchdowns. 10-yard average. you do not see that very often
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in high school. people like compare him to re rice -- ray rice. but he says do not expect a free pass. >> everybody thought they ran it 35 times. they ran it 18 times, basically. there were trying to put the game away. the bottom line is, the raiders missed three tackles. and that gave them 180 yards. >> you have to help them as four on sunday. if the tigers can run the table to finish off a regular-season. they face rhode island saturday and then they close out at new hampshire. they look like heavy favorites this week. two wins put them in the
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playoffs for a second year in a row. it was unthinkable a few years ago. >> these kids have been him -- hear from the lowest of the lows. our early years, we were not winning. now they have a conference championship and they have some recognition. they have seen the entire scope. 12,000 people stand up and say thank you. >> the high school football playoffs get underway tomorrow night and this year the postseason will include the return of the big 33, the all- star game featuring maryland against pennsylvania for the first time since the early 1990's. this game has produced nfl stars. he helped bring back this june for the national spotlight on local football players.
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>> i am not going to be any good in this game. just remember the impact made. other players that i would have never seen and then going to pennsylvania and sing another echelon of athletes. it was the best opportunity. >> and when they get a chance to play in a game like that, the highlights go to espn. it could change a kid's life. >> a lot of them already have college scholarships. >> there is always a few that do not. when you shine in this the best, good things happen. >> a look at the forecast after this.
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>> of parents' worst nightmare. the search for the person who carjacked a vehicle with a seven year-old boy inside. jesse jackson is in town for a rally at city hall. what prompted that a visit. that and much
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>> the son was predominant today. >> it is always predominate, you just usually do not see it. >> 57 degrees. more sunshine for the weekend. close to 70. partly cloudy on monday and then some showers on tuesday. it may be the last football weather day you get.
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>> thank you for joining us. >> nbc nightly news is next.
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